Mantrac is a special place to work

November 16th, 2023

Mantrac is a special place to work, known for its supportive and collaborative culture.

In this inspiring video, a number of Mantrac employees in Egypt pay tribute to our Chairman, Mohamed Mansour, for his unwavering commitment to building and maintaining a positive culture over many decades.


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MANTRAC Celebrates International Women’s Day


MANTRAC Egypt has always prioritized the need to create work environments that ensure the promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment. This is achieved by recognizing and celebrating the successes of our female peers for their hard work and commitment to improving the company International Women’s Day is important to us because its purpose is to promote an environment that supports equal rights and duties. Equality is not just a women’s issue, it is something that affects everyone in society. This year MANTRAC celebrated at MANTRAC House, Alex branch and with the MANTRAC Distribution team in Mohandessin.

Female employees joined the fun-filled celebration that was made special by Ms Rawya Mansour who took the time to send staff inspirational messages. The messages were filled with hope and highlighted the value of work for women during her speech. MANTRAC encourages its female employees to celebrate their social, professional and personal accomplishments. International Women’s Day is a celebration of every woman working at MANTRAC.

As we continue to promote equality in the workplace, we would like to thank our female employees for their hard work.


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MANTRAC gets five-star certification from CATERPILLAR for pollution control at MANTRAC House


MANTRAC is recognised for a new achievement in the field of pollution control, as MANTRAC House facilities received a five-star certificate for pollution control from CATERPILLAR.

In achieving this recognition, MANTRAC is proving its vision as “The standard of measurement that should be followed by CATERPILLAR agents worldwide”. This achievement proves the efficiency of the commitment and continuous efforts of all work teams in the maintenance departments of MANTRAC.

Pollution control is one of the most important initiatives that show confidence and reliability in maintenance. It ensures superior value and quality for MANTRAC customers. This degree of superior quality can be achieved by avoiding equipment component malfunctions, which leads to a longer life for components and equipment. It also leads to improved productivity throughout the life cycle of the equipment.

Obtaining this certificate reflects a great effort in meeting the criteria of keeping the maintenance workshop and spare parts store in excellent condition daily. This is considered an important daily challenge for the maintenance team. The objective is to ensure continuous achievements by all MANTRAC teams that place the company in a leading position in the industry.


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A Successful Sohour for Mantrac Distribution’s Partners and Customers


Over 500 of our partners celebrated the Holy month of Ramadan with Mantrac Distribution at JW Marriott, Cairo on 21stMay 2019.

Mantrac Distribution’s team greeted their partners and customers with great pleasure since meeting many of them in person rarely happens in a business as usual context, and thus, celebrating the Holy month of Ramadan with them is quite a kicker for taking this business cooperation to the next level.

The sohour included fire acrobats, a live musical Takht, tanwra show and photo sessions. The photo booth had oriental costumes for guests to wear for their photo shoots which many really enjoyed in single and group photos.

After the tanwra show, Mantrac Distribution announced a competition for all guests to win “Selfie El-Sohour” prize for the most liked photo, with or without the oriental costumes. The Sohour is covered on Mantrac Distribution’s Facebook page using #Mantrac_Distribution_Sohour19 and the photo album “Sohour 2019 #hapenning_now (Live)”.

Hossam Roshdy, General Manager, as well as the staff, deeply thanks Passant Ahmed, Strategic Planning and Marketing Communication Manager, and the Marketing Team, Mohamed Magdy and Youssef El-Rakkib, for putting up such a well-organized elegant event that our customers will remember as special and entertaining.

It was quite satisfying to see that our guests enjoyed their time and flash meetings in The Beach open area at JW Marriott, Cairo. It gave us great pleasure to host our business partners in such a light relaxing atmosphere and we hope they enjoyed it as much as we did!

Ramadan Kareem!


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Mantrac Group: Eco Commerce Milestones


Mantrac Distribution, formerly known as Mantrac ITD, has come a long way on the journey of Eco-Commerce transformation since its establishment in 1997. Preserving and improving the condition of natural capital has always been an integral part of Mantrac Distribution’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) model where decision-makers are continuously investing in eco-friendly solutions that integrate sustainable development practices as well as value creation.

The first milestone Mantrac Distribution successfully reached in its eco-commerce transformation was dropping its paper consumption for running business operations to minimum to help save trees. The adopted approach for this milestone was automating most of the business operations processes by deploying an ERP system that integrates all business modules needed to generate a full paperless documentation cycle. Not only did this drop paper consumption by 60%, it also saved time, labor, and expenses.

The second milestone set by Mantrac Distibution was to decrease dispatching fuel consumption to counterfeit air pollution. This was quite challenging because it required delivering orders door-to-door instead of having each customer commuting back and forth the premises and the warehouse. And so, Mantrac Distribution built a centralized warehouse with a dispatching center to deliver all orders door-to-door. This solution dropped commuting and fuel consumption by 40-50% for all their customers.

The latest eco-commerce transformation practice put into action by Mantrac Distribution is their big shout out to all their customers to overcome their need for printed invoices by switching to the new electronic invoices eco-service. Electronic invoices are legal VAT commercial invoices issued by the ERP system following the terms and regulations of Egypt Commercial Law. These e-invoices are submitted to customers by the Sales Admin. Team in a timely, simple, and secure manner. For more information on how to register for the electronic invoices eco-service, please go to

This is a call from Mantrac Distribution to all companies in the commercial sector to be mindful of their everyday choices and to sponsor eco-friendly practices and solutions on ground and all around because each action will have a positive impact on the environment, the society, and sustainable development.


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Mantrac Group: About Eaton UPS



Mansour Group has garnered many of the most reliable and highly-regarded international brands for its IT Distribution business in Egypt since 1997 under Mantrac. We are now operating as Mantrac Distribution, known as a top recognized Value-Added Distributor “VAD” for Dell EMC, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Fortinet, Avaya, QNAP, Trend Micro, Toshiba POS, and Eaton UPSs (Uninterruptable Power System).


  • From Y2000-present, we have been selling EATON UPS, formerly known as MGE.
  • We supply EATON’s Back-Up Power Solutions through B2B Partners and Resellers.
  • Presales, Sales and Operational support are well-provided by our specialized teams.
  • Professional and Warranty Services are covered by our Authorized Service Center.


Eaton is a multinational power management company with 2018 sales of $21.6 billion. It provides energy-efficient solutions that help customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton is dedicated to improving the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. Eaton has approximately 99,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries.


We supply a wide range of single and three phase Eaton UPS models offering power ratings starting 0-1 kVA up to 1200 kVA as standby, online, or line-interactive in multiple and versatile form factors to allow easy integration. Eaton was ranked number one in the global UPS market above 5 kVA and number two at or under 5000 kVA.


  • Sales Team, provides sales and account management support.
  • Product Management, provides presales and sales support.
  • Sales Admin. Team, provides operational and invoicing support.
  • Warehouse Team, provides operational and delivery support.


Besides covering EATON UPSs warranty and repair services, our EATON Certified Professionals offer different professional services including Implementation, Installation, and Service-Level-Agreements (SLAs).

Find out more details about available EATON UPS products from this link:


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Mantrac Group Supplies major retail chain with IBM Power Systems solutions


A Major Retail Chain builds its private cloud infrastructure on IBM Power Systems Solution to power its large-scale, mission-critical applications needed to transform data into a competitive advantage. Not only did it maximize efficiency, but also optimized their TCO on maximizing utilization of resources and acquiring IBM’s Capacity On-Demand (COD) Feature. Read on to find out how or check the attached infographic for a quick review.

One of the biggest food retail chains with a network of 48 outlets serving several governorates nationwide was seeking an IT infrastructure solution to:

  • Efficiently operate data intensive workloads across different branches.
  • Empower cross-platform analytics to maximize the bottom-line value of data.
  • Integrate cloud infrastructure to minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The Chain identified IBM POWER9, designed for Cloud Deployments, as the ideal solution for transforming their bottom line by extracting business-changing insights with blazing performance, industry-recognized dependability, and solid security to deliver the following:

  • Blazing Performance and Better Response Times across branches

The IBM POWER9 processors integrate analytics and algorithms on the chip to help Power Systems servers run at an always-optimized dynamic frequency. This advantage reduces the response time of running the business applications operating more than 45 outlets nation-wide handling thousands of products and generating thousands of transactions on daily basis.

  • Empowered Cross-Platform Analytics of Data Intensive Applications

The IBM POWER9 is built on the advanced POWER9™ architecture which maximizes the throughput of cloud, mobile, cognitive and advanced analytics applications demand. This architecture introduces Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) Gen4—which doubles the bandwidth of PCIe Gen3. In addition, it can be ordered with up to 48 cores and up to 16 TB of memory.

  • Integration of Cloud Infrastructure

The IBM POWER9 is optimized to deliver large, demanding workloads in the cloud. It dynamically shares resources to increase system utilization which improves efficiency and helps ensure applications continue to get the resources they need. This is based on PowerVM virtualization which is the family of technologies, capabilities and offerings that deliver incomparable virtualization on IBM POWER® processor-based systems.


By relying on IBM Power Solutions, The Chain earned invaluable benefits and ROIs that will impact its competitive edge and long-term success including:

  • Optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

In the cloud, there are many variations to on-premises TCO factors because many services are provided by third parties. In addition, the cloud can cost more than on-premises resources in a traditional IT infrastructure. IBM POWER9 provides cloud capabilities such as automation and utilization which gives you a cloud-ready IT infrastructure that can reliably and securely deliver blazing performance while keeping TCO at optimum levels.

  • Maximized “Cloud” System Utilization (IBM Cloud PowerVC)

IBM Advanced Micro-Partitioning™ technology supports multiple virtual machines (VMs) for every processor core, 20 micro-partitions per processor; multiple shared processor pools; VIOS; shared dedicated capacity; and Live Partition Mobility (LPM). IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager provides fast and automated VM deployments, prebuilt image templates and self-service capabilities—all with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  • Capacity on Demand (CoD)

With this unique IBM feature, The Chain can respond more rapidly and seamlessly to changing business requirements and growth with Elastic Capacity on Demand (CoD) for processors and memory where they can activate processor cores or memory units for a number of days using the HMC to activate resources on a temporary basis.

  • First Failure Data Capture (FFDC)

Beyond additional reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features, the POWER9 processor and memory subsystem use the first failure data capture (FFDC) mechanism for fault detection and isolation. This FFDC mechanism incorporates advanced technology and design techniques for soft-error avoidance.

For more information, call us at 19266 or contact us at


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Mantrac Group: Celebration of International Women’s Day – March 2019


In special recognition of women in Mantrac Distribution’s workforce for their professional contributions to its growing success, Mr. Hossam Roshdy – Mantrac Distribution GM, held a celebration especially for them on the occasion of the International Women’s Day (IWD – 8th March).

Mr. Hossam emphasized on the IWD’s theme FY2019, #BalanceforBetter, as it reflects one of the core components of Mantrac Distribution’s Corporate Culture which is Gender Equality in terms of rights, benefits, obligations, and opportunities.

During the celebration, Mr. Hossam thanks Mrs. Azza Mahmoud, Mantrac Egypt Logistics Manager, and Marwa El-Sawwah, Axapta Project Manager at Mantrac Group for joining our celebration and supporting our business operations. He also thanks women in Mantrac Distribution’s departments for their continuous efforts and dedication; Mona EL-Menshawy, Hala Wahba, Marwa Abd-El-Kader, Amal El-Essawy, Hadeer Zaki, Shaimaa Farag, Nouran Ali, Marwa Azzam, Fatma Nabil, and Nana Ahmed.

Mrs. Mona El-Menshawy, Sales Admin and Logistics Manager, commented that recognizing women’s contribution in the workplace inspires loyalty and enthusiasm as employees become more engaged in business development.

The celebrated women thanked Mr. Hossam for this celebration and all their colleagues for participating at this International Women’s Day celebration.


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Mantrac Group Announce Dell EMC Partnership Agreement In Egypt


DELL EMC, a subsidiary of DELL Technologies, announced that its partnership agreement with Mantrac Distribution, a subsidiary of Mansour Group, has entered into force, under which the latter company will be an authorized dealer and distributor of all products and services provided by the former in Egypt.

The ceremony started with a speech by Hossam Roshdy, General Manager at Mantrac Distribution, who confirmed that the new partnership with DELL EMC comes in line with the fruitful and continuous cooperation between DELL Technologies and Mantrac Distribution over 15 years in all fields of information technology.

He also expressed his happiness that this new partnership coincided with the celebration of Mantrac Distribution with its 20th anniversary in Egypt. Mantrac is one of the first companies that contributed to the introduction of the latest technologies to Egypt, and was a major partner in most of the technological infrastructure projects in different sectors across the country.

“Once DELL Technologies acquired EMC, a leading company in the field of data storage and information security, two years ago in a historic deal, Mantrac Distribution has started its preparations for this partnership, which is a natural extension of the great success both companies have achieved in the Egyptian market over the past period,” Roshdy said.

Roshdy announced that all IT professionals across Egypt can now take advantage of Mantrac Distribution’s integrated services and offers on DELL EMC’s products with the best service guarantee.

He added that the company has developed a plan to maintain the principles of Mansour Group, which has branches deployed in more than 100 countries around the world, and be a role model in its customer service strategies among all the company’s dealers.

Roshdy highlighted that Mantrac Distribution is keen on providing the latest technological products with the highest quality in the world to its customers in Egypt, which is preparing for an unprecedented technological breakthrough in the coming period to keep pace with the huge development of the projects dependent on technology and innovation, as well as increasing investment opportunities expected for the global companies in Egypt in various areas which inevitably need a technological infrastructure with reliable service guarantee and an agent with a big name and history such as Mantrac Distribution.

Mohamed Amin, DELL EMC’s Vice President in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, expressed his happiness with the strategic partnership signed with a leading Egyptian company such as Mantrac Distribution, which has a long history of cooperation with DELL EMC as a major distributor, in addition of its considerable experience in the field of communications and information technology.

“We are fully aware that Mantrac Distribution plays a major and pivotal role in the Egyptian market, thanks to its expertise, excellent teamwork, and the great confidence of its clients in dealing with them. These are the factors that drove DELL EMC to cooperate with Mantrac Distribution to be one of the first companies that gains the latter company’s distribution and guarantee rights,” Amin said.

“DELL EMC’s partnership with Mantrac Distribution aims to benefit from the latter company’s ability to provide solutions to customers throughout Egypt for being one of the largest IT solution providers in the country,” Mohamed Tantawi, General Manager at DELL EMC Egypt.


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Mantrac Group Wins Largest Supply Order From Avaya Egypt


Mantrac Distribution has recently managed to take the largest supply order in the history of Avaya Egypt, which includes the supply of state-of-the-art sophisticated contact centers with various capacities in favor of the military entity in the New Capital City.

This comes as a result of what Mantrac Distribution has achieved with the military entity at the end of last year during which the company, in cooperation with BTC Networks Egypt and Avaya International, supplied contact centers to the largest project by the military entity. After the delivery, the idea of the new project was put forward and Mantrac Distribution has started to implement it and supply the necessary products.

The new achievement came after months of work and study by Mantrac Distribution’s team, which held ongoing workshops in which the project was studied from all aspects, especially in light of a fierce competition with local and international companies.

Mantrac Distribution has managed to win the deal thanks to the good negotiation skills and the spirit of teamwork among the company’s various departments such as sales and credit, which deserve all the thanks and appreciation for their great contribution to the success of the offer submitted by the company. The clearance and shipping department also negotiated with shipping companies to find the best shipping methods at the lowest possible cost.

In addition, a new thought was introduced to implement the project by insuring against non-payment risks through two insurance companies. The credit team held several negotiation sessions with the insurance companies to obtain the largest privileges for Mantrac Distribution.