Our Approach

Vision, mission and strategy

Our vision

“Our vision is to be a global group; growth is in our DNA.”Mansour Family

Our mission

We are a truly global, cross-border business. We employ over 60,000 people, crossing cultures, religions, and languages. We work together for a common goal of growth and betterment.

We are continually identifying new sectors and geographies to invest in. We always look to build partnerships for the long-term. We grow and develop together.

We invest in our people and support their training and education.

Our strategy

The Mansour Group takes a patient-capital approach to expanding into new sectors and geographies. We make long-term investments in businesses, in partnerships and in people. This approach has allowed us to navigate economic cycles and negotiate the challenges of investing in different regions globally.

We are continuously seeking new opportunities, partnerships and relationships to drive growth globally, keeping in mind the importance of giving back to the communities in which our businesses operate.

We have six subsidiary companies which operate businesses across the following sectors globally: automotive, banking & real estate, consumer goods, education, healthcare, IT & telecommunications, machinery & equipment, media & advertising, oil & gas, transport and logistics and technology.