Press Release

MANTRAC gets five-star certification from CATERPILLAR for pollution control at MANTRAC House


MANTRAC is recognised for a new achievement in the field of pollution control, as MANTRAC House facilities received a five-star certificate for pollution control from CATERPILLAR.

In achieving this recognition, MANTRAC is proving its vision as “The standard of measurement that should be followed by CATERPILLAR agents worldwide”. This achievement proves the efficiency of the commitment and continuous efforts of all work teams in the maintenance departments of MANTRAC.

Pollution control is one of the most important initiatives that show confidence and reliability in maintenance. It ensures superior value and quality for MANTRAC customers. This degree of superior quality can be achieved by avoiding equipment component malfunctions, which leads to a longer life for components and equipment. It also leads to improved productivity throughout the life cycle of the equipment.

Obtaining this certificate reflects a great effort in meeting the criteria of keeping the maintenance workshop and spare parts store in excellent condition daily. This is considered an important daily challenge for the maintenance team. The objective is to ensure continuous achievements by all MANTRAC teams that place the company in a leading position in the industry.