Press Release

Mansour Group Backs Community Project at Ancient Site in Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

The Mansour Group is delighted to announce the completion of a community centre for the Bedouin people and other residents of Saint Catherine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Egypt.

The Wadi Gharba Community Centre, located 30 minutes’ drive from Mount Sinai in Saint Catherine’s protectorate, was developed by the Mansour Group in partnership with Hand Over, a local design and build company, and Catherine Exists, a community development initiative.

The project aims to support and empower the local community by providing space for all ages of the community to interact and learn. The centre will host classes run by volunteers and will pursue income-generating activities for the local community. The centre will also provide facilities for travellers to stay and learn about the local culture, attend classes conducted by locals and volunteer in the local community activities.  Volunteers and guests will have the opportunity to learn traditional Bedouin craftmanship from older members of the community and ensure that these ancient skills are passed down to future generations. The centre already provides vital medical services to residents of Saint Catherine.

The centre builds on the project’s first phase, which saw the construction of a clinic and a gallery in 2018.

Mr Youssef Mansour, Co-Chair of the Mansour Group, said: “We are very grateful for the opportunity to support this hugely important development and improve the lives of the people of St Catherine, an area blessed by its history, religion and culture that should be protected and preserved. We hope that the centre will continue to educate and support the local community for generations to come.”


Press Release

Al Mansour Holding Company for Financial Investments donates over 50 million EGP to fight Covid-19

Cairo, Egypt

Eng. Yousef Mansour and Al Mansour Holding Company for Financial Investments (“MHCFI”) have donated 51.5 million EGP to help the Egyptian government fight the novel coronavirus. The contribution further demonstrates the Mansour Group’s focus on corporate social responsibility as it continues to participate in the fight against the impact of Covid-19.

In a letter addressed to the Egyptian Prime Minister, Eng. Yousef Mansour, Co-Chairman of the Mansour Group, reiterated his commitment to the welfare of Egypt and the Egyptian people. Of the total donated, 35 million EGP was contributed by Eng. Yousef Mansour personally.

The donation consists of:

  • 25 million EGP in cash will be provided to the Ministry of Health and Population to help finance upgrades to hospitals treating fever and chest patients.
  • 10 million EGP in cash will be provided to the Tahya Misr Fund, which is earmarked for further support to the Ministry of Health and Population.
  • 200,000 cartons of food will be supplied by MHCFI-owned retail chains Metro & Kheir Zaman. Of those, 100,000 will go to Egyptian health workers while the other 100,000 will be distributed, through the Tahya Misr Fund, to families financially impacted by the measures taken to fight the disease. This contribution is valued at over 15 million EGP.

As always, the Mansour family, represented by the Mansour Group, will continue to do the best it can to help Egypt cope with the challenges it faces. In total, the Mansour Group has contributed over 200 million EGP to the fight against Covid-19 in Egypt.


Press Release

Kheir Zaman participates in campaign to provide goods at discounted prices

Cairo, Egypt

Mansour Group is keen to provide many contributions with diverse social goals, year round, however especially during the month of Ramadan. Mansour group does this by working along national and governmental campaigns and initiatives to help play a part in reducing the burden of living on low income families and individuals.

Metro Market Company for Trade and Distribution’s chain Kheir Zaman  worked alongside the Ministry of Interior on an initiative to provide goods and products at a discounted price before the month of Ramadan to citizens with discounts of up to 30% at a low profit margin. Similarly, they participated in the annual exhibition opened by Ali-Al Moselhi, Minister of Supply, under the slogan ‘Welcome Ramadan’, in which there were substantial price discounts on necessities such as oil, pasta, flour, dairy products, meat and poultry and other household needs.

Kheir Zaman actively participates in these initiatives, since it is the largest in terms of the number of branches and the number of governorates existence in Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt, as well as in Alexandria, therefore, maximising the possible number of citizens that could benefit from the discounted goods.

Similarly, Metro Market is keen to provide various offers throughout the year, especially in the month of Ramadan. They also market the offers, these offers include the Metro Bag provided by the Metro Market chain. There are also offers in Mini Metro and Fresh Food Market. Therefore guaranteeing that all chains have access to services that could benefit those who need it.


Press Release

Mansour volunteer in initiatives with the Red Crescent and Food Bank

Cairo, Egypt

Mansour Holdings is keen to instil the principle of volunteering among all the group’s employees, and therefore it participates in many events that involves the participation of its employees in social efforts and charitable initiatives.

The group works to diversify these initiatives to provide its employees with different opportunities and enable them to participate in accordance with their personal preferences and according to the specific skills they possess.

Last April, the group organized a blood donation campaign in cooperation with the Egyptian Red Crescent, where the Red Crescent provided a specialized car that arrived at the group’s headquarters in Zahraa El Maadi, and employees eagerly donated blood. The Red Crescent is famously known for its vast and free contributions towards patients who require blood transfusions to save their lives

Similarly, before the holy Month of Ramadan, the group strengthened its cooperation and worked alongside the Egyptian Food Bank to organize a volunteer initiative in which Mansour employees would spend the day at the Food Bank’s headquarters and help with the packaging of Ramadan bags and cartons that the Food Bank would then distribute amongst low income families during the holy month of Ramadan.