The Mansour Voice: Reflections in Times of Crisis


The inaugural episode of The Mansour Voice featuring Mr. Mohamed Mansour, Founder and Chairman of Man Capital.

The Mansour Group is pleased to announce the launch of its brand-new podcast series, The Mansour Voice. The series will shine a light on the Mansour Group, how it came to be built and the decisions that were made along the way that turned a family business with its origins in the Egyptian cotton trade into a global conglomerate with over 60,000 employees across more than 100 countries.

In the first episode of The Mansour Voice, “Reflections in Times of Crisis”, Mr. Mohamed Mansour, Founder and Chairman of Man Capital, discusses the global Covid-19 pandemic and compares the current crisis to previous economic shocks. Mr. Mansour also provides an overview of some of the steps being taken by the Mansour Group to help support the local communities in which it operates.