Press Release

The much-awaited newest MG member, the HS, is finally in Egypt


MG HS a global vehicle with 5 stars Euro N-cap with an air purifier for the first time in the market.

In a prestigious event held in Sahl Hasheesh (Hurghada), Al Mansour MG has invited the journalists and media people to have the first glimpse and witness the launch of the new MG HS. With the attendance of Eng. Adel Khadr, CEO of Mansour Automotive Group, Mr. Ankush Arora, COO of Mansour Automotive Group, Mr. Loutfy Mansour, General Manager of Mansour MG Automotive and Mr. Mohamed El Sheikh, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager of Mansour MG Automotive, was the official launch of this new model like thunder that strikes the market. Many of the MG brand enthusiasts in Egypt were anticipating and waiting for the launch of this new model. The new model came with a 5-star Euro N-Cap rating when other well-established automotive brands are struggling to score 3 stars or above. The new model is also equipped with an air purifier that can disinfect the entire car from bacteria and viruses in only 3 minutes, which is very important in the meantime and shows how fast MG adapts to changing global dynamics and the ability to cater to customers needs. After test driving the new model and being able to assess its performance and durability, we can confidently say that this model will redefine the SUV segment in Egypt and it deserved the long await from customers.

Mansour MG when they took the decision to launch this new model has taken in consideration all customer desires and were determined to surpass customers’ expectations after all that they have witnessed with previous MG models that gained a great share of trust and admiration in a very short period of nearly two years, to an extent that made these early customers act as brand ambassadors communicating how their vehicles are made with superior quality and durability.

MG HS specifications:

MG HS comes with a 1.5L turbo engine that delivers 169 horsepower and 250 newton meters of torque. The fuel tank capacity is 55 liters. And because safety is with paramount importance, the MG HS is equipped with 9th generation of ESP comes from Bosch with a package of more than 10 aiding systems (ABS, EBD, CBC, TCS, VDC, HAZ, HHC, BDW, ARP, etc..). Also, the HS has 6 airbags, blind-spot detection, lane departure warning, door opening warning and rear cross-traffic alert.
MG HS lighting system.
MG HS comes with front and rear high intensity LED lights that guarantees great visibility in different driving conditions. The car also comes with automatic lights and sequential left and right signal lights.

Luxury and technology at its best.
It seems that MG HS engineers were determined to deliver a strong message not only a beautiful model, a message of advanced technology and great performance that puts the HS as well as the MG brand parallel with well established global brands. It comes featuring with 5 driving modes including the Super Sport, refrigerated arm rest compartment, 64 different colours for interior ambient lighting and a 10.1 touch screen with Apple Carplay and Android Auto.