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Article — 04/04/2019

From his office in London’s Knightsbridge, Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Mansour sits at the head of a sprawling business empire. Spread across more than 100 countries, the group propelled Mansour and his brothers into the billionaires’ club in 2011, making them one of Egypt’s most influential families.

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Article — 20/03/2018

The West African nation tops South Africa in cumulative deal values over the past five years.

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Article — 08/03/2016

The Cairo-born 33-year-old heads his $6bn family business’s investment arm, Man Capital.

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Article — 01/06/2016

Mohamed Mansour’s decision to build his own business to manage his family’s wealth and staff it with seasoned investment bankers was dismissed by some. But six years after its formation, it is being praised and even emulated.

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