Press Release

Mantrac Group Wins Largest Supply Order From Avaya Egypt


Mantrac Distribution has recently managed to take the largest supply order in the history of Avaya Egypt, which includes the supply of state-of-the-art sophisticated contact centers with various capacities in favor of the military entity in the New Capital City.

This comes as a result of what Mantrac Distribution has achieved with the military entity at the end of last year during which the company, in cooperation with BTC Networks Egypt and Avaya International, supplied contact centers to the largest project by the military entity. After the delivery, the idea of the new project was put forward and Mantrac Distribution has started to implement it and supply the necessary products.

The new achievement came after months of work and study by Mantrac Distribution’s team, which held ongoing workshops in which the project was studied from all aspects, especially in light of a fierce competition with local and international companies.

Mantrac Distribution has managed to win the deal thanks to the good negotiation skills and the spirit of teamwork among the company’s various departments such as sales and credit, which deserve all the thanks and appreciation for their great contribution to the success of the offer submitted by the company. The clearance and shipping department also negotiated with shipping companies to find the best shipping methods at the lowest possible cost.

In addition, a new thought was introduced to implement the project by insuring against non-payment risks through two insurance companies. The credit team held several negotiation sessions with the insurance companies to obtain the largest privileges for Mantrac Distribution.