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Mantrac Group Supplies major retail chain with IBM Power Systems solutions


A Major Retail Chain builds its private cloud infrastructure on IBM Power Systems Solution to power its large-scale, mission-critical applications needed to transform data into a competitive advantage. Not only did it maximize efficiency, but also optimized their TCO on maximizing utilization of resources and acquiring IBM’s Capacity On-Demand (COD) Feature. Read on to find out how or check the attached infographic for a quick review.

One of the biggest food retail chains with a network of 48 outlets serving several governorates nationwide was seeking an IT infrastructure solution to:

  • Efficiently operate data intensive workloads across different branches.
  • Empower cross-platform analytics to maximize the bottom-line value of data.
  • Integrate cloud infrastructure to minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The Chain identified IBM POWER9, designed for Cloud Deployments, as the ideal solution for transforming their bottom line by extracting business-changing insights with blazing performance, industry-recognized dependability, and solid security to deliver the following:

  • Blazing Performance and Better Response Times across branches

The IBM POWER9 processors integrate analytics and algorithms on the chip to help Power Systems servers run at an always-optimized dynamic frequency. This advantage reduces the response time of running the business applications operating more than 45 outlets nation-wide handling thousands of products and generating thousands of transactions on daily basis.

  • Empowered Cross-Platform Analytics of Data Intensive Applications

The IBM POWER9 is built on the advanced POWER9™ architecture which maximizes the throughput of cloud, mobile, cognitive and advanced analytics applications demand. This architecture introduces Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) Gen4—which doubles the bandwidth of PCIe Gen3. In addition, it can be ordered with up to 48 cores and up to 16 TB of memory.

  • Integration of Cloud Infrastructure

The IBM POWER9 is optimized to deliver large, demanding workloads in the cloud. It dynamically shares resources to increase system utilization which improves efficiency and helps ensure applications continue to get the resources they need. This is based on PowerVM virtualization which is the family of technologies, capabilities and offerings that deliver incomparable virtualization on IBM POWER® processor-based systems.


By relying on IBM Power Solutions, The Chain earned invaluable benefits and ROIs that will impact its competitive edge and long-term success including:

  • Optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

In the cloud, there are many variations to on-premises TCO factors because many services are provided by third parties. In addition, the cloud can cost more than on-premises resources in a traditional IT infrastructure. IBM POWER9 provides cloud capabilities such as automation and utilization which gives you a cloud-ready IT infrastructure that can reliably and securely deliver blazing performance while keeping TCO at optimum levels.

  • Maximized “Cloud” System Utilization (IBM Cloud PowerVC)

IBM Advanced Micro-Partitioning™ technology supports multiple virtual machines (VMs) for every processor core, 20 micro-partitions per processor; multiple shared processor pools; VIOS; shared dedicated capacity; and Live Partition Mobility (LPM). IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager provides fast and automated VM deployments, prebuilt image templates and self-service capabilities—all with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  • Capacity on Demand (CoD)

With this unique IBM feature, The Chain can respond more rapidly and seamlessly to changing business requirements and growth with Elastic Capacity on Demand (CoD) for processors and memory where they can activate processor cores or memory units for a number of days using the HMC to activate resources on a temporary basis.

  • First Failure Data Capture (FFDC)

Beyond additional reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features, the POWER9 processor and memory subsystem use the first failure data capture (FFDC) mechanism for fault detection and isolation. This FFDC mechanism incorporates advanced technology and design techniques for soft-error avoidance.

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