Press Release

Mantrac Group organizes big suhoor event for its clients in Ramadan


Mantrac Distribution has invited its clients and distributors for a suhoor event at one of the finest hotels in Cairo on June 11, 2018 to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. More than 400 clients and distributors have attended the event to join Mantrac Distribution and its team in the company’s first celebration of its kind.

During the suhoor, attendees have exchanged congratulations in a wonderful atmosphere, reflecting the strong relationship between Mantrac Distribution and its customers and distributors.

Hossam Roshdy, General Manager of Mantrac Distribution, said that the ceremony was a great success for Mantrac Distribution’s team which has presented the company in a wonderful way and has managed to communicate its messages clearly to its customers and business partners.

He added that the celebration has showed the strength of Mantrac Distribution and its share in the Egyptian market, and also has reflected the company’s image as a market leader.

Hossam Roshdy has thanked all of Mantrac Distribution’s team and has extended special thanks to the marketing team led by Passant Ahmed, saying that the success of the event would not have been possible without her efforts and those of her team. Passant’s team did their best with the utmost sincerity to organize a highly professional and luxurious event worth of the name of Mantrac Distribution as one of Mansour Group’s companies and bearing the name of Mansour family.

He has also thanked Eng. Ayman Ezz El Din, who has believed in Mantrac Distribution’s team three years ago and gave them the opportunity to reach their goals under his leadership.