Press Release

Mantrac Group Announce Dell EMC Partnership Agreement In Egypt


DELL EMC, a subsidiary of DELL Technologies, announced that its partnership agreement with Mantrac Distribution, a subsidiary of Mansour Group, has entered into force, under which the latter company will be an authorized dealer and distributor of all products and services provided by the former in Egypt.

The ceremony started with a speech by Hossam Roshdy, General Manager at Mantrac Distribution, who confirmed that the new partnership with DELL EMC comes in line with the fruitful and continuous cooperation between DELL Technologies and Mantrac Distribution over 15 years in all fields of information technology.

He also expressed his happiness that this new partnership coincided with the celebration of Mantrac Distribution with its 20th anniversary in Egypt. Mantrac is one of the first companies that contributed to the introduction of the latest technologies to Egypt, and was a major partner in most of the technological infrastructure projects in different sectors across the country.

“Once DELL Technologies acquired EMC, a leading company in the field of data storage and information security, two years ago in a historic deal, Mantrac Distribution has started its preparations for this partnership, which is a natural extension of the great success both companies have achieved in the Egyptian market over the past period,” Roshdy said.

Roshdy announced that all IT professionals across Egypt can now take advantage of Mantrac Distribution’s integrated services and offers on DELL EMC’s products with the best service guarantee.

He added that the company has developed a plan to maintain the principles of Mansour Group, which has branches deployed in more than 100 countries around the world, and be a role model in its customer service strategies among all the company’s dealers.

Roshdy highlighted that Mantrac Distribution is keen on providing the latest technological products with the highest quality in the world to its customers in Egypt, which is preparing for an unprecedented technological breakthrough in the coming period to keep pace with the huge development of the projects dependent on technology and innovation, as well as increasing investment opportunities expected for the global companies in Egypt in various areas which inevitably need a technological infrastructure with reliable service guarantee and an agent with a big name and history such as Mantrac Distribution.

Mohamed Amin, DELL EMC’s Vice President in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, expressed his happiness with the strategic partnership signed with a leading Egyptian company such as Mantrac Distribution, which has a long history of cooperation with DELL EMC as a major distributor, in addition of its considerable experience in the field of communications and information technology.

“We are fully aware that Mantrac Distribution plays a major and pivotal role in the Egyptian market, thanks to its expertise, excellent teamwork, and the great confidence of its clients in dealing with them. These are the factors that drove DELL EMC to cooperate with Mantrac Distribution to be one of the first companies that gains the latter company’s distribution and guarantee rights,” Amin said.

“DELL EMC’s partnership with Mantrac Distribution aims to benefit from the latter company’s ability to provide solutions to customers throughout Egypt for being one of the largest IT solution providers in the country,” Mohamed Tantawi, General Manager at DELL EMC Egypt.