Press Release

Mantrac Group and Avaya together in Cairo to celebrate 7-year partnership


Mantrac Distribution took part in the 21st round of Cairo ICT, as an exhibitor, in collaboration with Avaya, the American company that specializes in communications and network technologies which represented by Mantrac Distribution in Egypt.

With the slogan “Beyond Expectations”, the fair was launched on 3rd December 2017, and it was an excellent opportunity to exhibit the company’s integrated solutions, not to mention that Cairo ICT is one of the most remarkable IT events in MEA.

Mantrac Distribution is the authorized distributor of Avaya’s products for more than 7 years. Avaya offers full-fledged IT services, i.e. software, communication services, and in-site or remote networking services.

Mantrac Distribution hoped to boost its business with Avaya. Noticeably, their participation in Cairo ICT coincided with Avaya’s celebrations as it has completely emerged from the US Bankruptcy law and successfully finished its restructuring process to grow into a more powerful operating company than ever.

Thanks to this partnership between Mantrac Distribution and Avaya, advanced services such as online voice conversation solutions, video, and call centres, could be introduced to the Egyptian market. The teams of both companies showcased all our sales and pre-sale services designed to meet the needs of the local market. It is worth noting that Mantrac is Avaya’s largest partner in the Egyptian market, with an over 69% market share of Avaya’s sales.

Mantrac Distribution has also contributed to the success story of Telecom Egypt (WE), the fourth mobile service provider in Egypt, since Mantrac has provided the newly emerging company with the call centres, through which it can serve its clients. Mantrac Distribution also plans to be Avaya’s regional distributor across the Middle East Region.