Press Release

Mansour volunteer in initiatives with the Red Crescent and Food Bank

Cairo, Egypt

Mansour Holdings is keen to instil the principle of volunteering among all the group’s employees, and therefore it participates in many events that involves the participation of its employees in social efforts and charitable initiatives.

The group works to diversify these initiatives to provide its employees with different opportunities and enable them to participate in accordance with their personal preferences and according to the specific skills they possess.

Last April, the group organized a blood donation campaign in cooperation with the Egyptian Red Crescent, where the Red Crescent provided a specialized car that arrived at the group’s headquarters in Zahraa El Maadi, and employees eagerly donated blood. The Red Crescent is famously known for its vast and free contributions towards patients who require blood transfusions to save their lives

Similarly, before the holy Month of Ramadan, the group strengthened its cooperation and worked alongside the Egyptian Food Bank to organize a volunteer initiative in which Mansour employees would spend the day at the Food Bank’s headquarters and help with the packaging of Ramadan bags and cartons that the Food Bank would then distribute amongst low income families during the holy month of Ramadan.