Press Release

Kheir Zaman participates in campaign to provide goods at discounted prices

Cairo, Egypt

Mansour Group is keen to provide many contributions with diverse social goals, year round, however especially during the month of Ramadan. Mansour group does this by working along national and governmental campaigns and initiatives to help play a part in reducing the burden of living on low income families and individuals.

Metro Market Company for Trade and Distribution’s chain Kheir Zaman  worked alongside the Ministry of Interior on an initiative to provide goods and products at a discounted price before the month of Ramadan to citizens with discounts of up to 30% at a low profit margin. Similarly, they participated in the annual exhibition opened by Ali-Al Moselhi, Minister of Supply, under the slogan ‘Welcome Ramadan’, in which there were substantial price discounts on necessities such as oil, pasta, flour, dairy products, meat and poultry and other household needs.

Kheir Zaman actively participates in these initiatives, since it is the largest in terms of the number of branches and the number of governorates existence in Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt, as well as in Alexandria, therefore, maximising the possible number of citizens that could benefit from the discounted goods.

Similarly, Metro Market is keen to provide various offers throughout the year, especially in the month of Ramadan. They also market the offers, these offers include the Metro Bag provided by the Metro Market chain. There are also offers in Mini Metro and Fresh Food Market. Therefore guaranteeing that all chains have access to services that could benefit those who need it.