Press Release

Al Mansour Automotive presents Transferring Cars to Service Centres and Maintenance at Home Services for Opel and Chevrolet clients with nominal prices


Al Mansour Automotive launched new services to help its clients carry out maintenance services fully safely without the need to go to services’ centers. This is to assist the clients to abide by preventive and personal protection measures.

The first service; “maintenance at home”, is for Opel and Chevrolet clients, models produced in 2014, or afterwards, during the holy month of Ramadan, before or after Iftar for nominal fees of 100 EGP to be added to the final receipt.

Maintenance works included in the “maintenance at home” service are changing engine oil, changing and cleaning the filters, reviewing the fluids’ levels in the car. This service is offered through the following braches (Al Haram branch ” privately owned cars,” – Smouha branch, Al Mansoura branch ” privately owned cars”) The service is provided all weekdays including Friday.

The services also include changing the brake linings or air filters. The cost of the service and the spare parts would be added to the final receipt of the client.

Clients who wish to benefit from “the maintenance at home” service should call the contact center at 16424 and request the service. A specialized engineer and technician with a car equipped with an air compressor,  an oil suction machine, and all the requirements of a quick maintenance would arrive at the client’s home within 48 hours.

The second service offered by Al Mansour Automotive for Opel and Chevrolet clients is to transfer the car to a services’ centre by a winch that is sent specially to the client’s house. This is in return of a nominal fee of 200 EGP. The car would then be transferred back to the house of the client after carrying our period maintenance. Clients can benefit from these services through the following branches (Al Haram “privately owned cars” – Fifth Settlement branch and Al Amerya branch). The service is provided throughout the holy month of Ramadan, except on Fridays.

Clients who wish to benefit from the “transferring cars to service centres” should call the contact centre at 16424. After 48 hours, an engineer would go to their house to receive the car and return it after 24 hours after carrying out the maintenance services required. The clients would be paying for this service at home with the possibility to pay via Visa cards.

The clients can benefit from the Winch Service to carry out periodic maintenance and all required works that the car needs in coordination with the engineer who receives the car.

With Al Mansour, you are in safe hands.