Press Release

Al Mansour Automotive donates 50 million EGP to the Ministry of Health as its humble contribution in combating Coronavirus


Supporting the efforts of the government to protect Egypt and its people during this difficult period is a humanitarian and moral obligation.

Eng. Mohamed Lotfy Mansour, Chairman of Al Mansour Automotive Group, stated that this exceptional period requires that all individuals, the business sector and civil society organizations should stand together to contribute to the efforts exerted by the Egyptian government at various levels, to combat the spread of (COVID-19) Coronavirus in Egypt.

Integrating with the efforts exerted by the government to face the crisis, Eng. Mohamed Lotfy Mansour announced that Al Mansour Automotive Group is donating 50 million EGP to the Ministry of Health and Population. This contribution will be used for providing personal protection equipment for members of medical and health teams, while offering care and treatment to infected patients. This is in addition to ventilators and any other medical equipment or supplies according to the priorities of the ministry of health in countering the novel Coronavirus.

Eng. Mohamed Lotfy Mansour added that contemporary human history hasn’t witnessed a crisis of this magnitude worldwide. The Egyptian government has not spared any efforts in taking precautionary and pre-emptive measures and procedures and sacrifices in order to contain the risks of this global pandemic.

Mansour praised the decisions taken by the political leadership of Egypt to combat the spread of Coronavirus. This is in addition to a number of important economic decisions that aim to limit the impact of this crisis on various sectors in Egypt. Mansour asserted that Egypt’s professionalism in dealing with the situation and the preventive measures taken from the beginning of the crisis reduced the spread of the virus. This prompted several international organizations, including WHO, to praise the role played by the Egyptian government in this regard.

The Chairman of Al Mansour Automotive Group called upon all Egyptians to abide by all the preventive procedures proposed by the government. He added that Egyptians should take all these measures quite seriously to reduce the spread of this fierce virus; in order to avoid risks that we are dispensable of.

Eng. Mohamed Lotfy Mansour expressed his special thanks and appreciation to Egypt’ white army – Egyptian doctors and all members of medical teams, who stand in the forefront, race against time, and endanger their lives to protect the health and safety of all fellow Egyptians.

Eng. Mohamed Lotfy Mansour concluded, “We do not consider our contribution to support the Egyptian people in this sensitive period a donation. It is a national duty we are proud to be carrying out and it is part of our philosophy of giving back to our people & community. We, as Egyptians, know that when we all unify together to achieve a certain objective, no obstacles stand in our way. When it comes to the health, safety, and security of the Egyptians, no individual or organization shall spare no efforts to protect the safety of Egypt.”