Press Release

To redefine the concept of car maintenance, Al Mansour Automotive launches Advance Plus A+ program for Chevrolet and Opel clients in Egypt


Al Mansour Automotive, leading corporation in the automotive field in the Egyptian market, announced the launch of the Advance Plus A+ program which redefines the concept of cars’ periodic maintenance in the Egyptian market.

On this occasion, Eng. Adel Khadr, Al Mansour Automotive CEO and Managing Director, noted, “Our new program provides clients with huge discounts on periodic maintenance and various services. Carried out in cooperation with Shell, the Advance Plus A+ program is especially tailored for El Mansour Chevrolet and Opel new clients, either who purchase passengers’ or commercial cars.”

Eng. Adel Khadr, added, “Advance Plus A+ offers the clients huge discounts on period maintenance services. It also secures the clients against the increase of the prices of services, various oils, and spare parts. This is carried out through stabilizing the prices for a period that can extend to 3 years or for 100,000 kilometers according to each client’s needs and requirements.”

Al Mansour also gives the opportunity to new Chevrolet and Opel clients to pay for their maintenance in installments that are added to the car’s installments. This is to ensure that this distinctive new program is affordable for all clients who wish to purchase a new Opel or Chevrolet vehicle.

Eng. Adel Khadr, Al Mansour Automotive CEO and Managing Director, noted that Al Mansour always positions the clients at the top of the corporation’s priorities. Al Mansour is constantly working to provide the clients with the most beneficial offers and programs.

From his side, Ziad El Refai, Marketing General Manager in Al Mansour Automotive said, “It is always advisable to benefit from the high-quality services offered by Al Mansour Opel and Chevrolet authorized services centers. In order to facilitate the access of our clients to the comprehensive services we offer, we exert all efforts to always provide them with various offers and discounts.”

Over and above, the Advance Plus A+ program offers new Opel and Chevrolet clients with considerable discounts, out of the period maintenance and spare parts. They also have the priority to book their cars’ services’ timings. All these merits are all provided exclusively as part of the Advance Plus A+ program.

Advance Plus is considered the best after sales and maintenance program in the Egyptian market as it redefines the concept of these services and supports Al Mansour valued clients to combat the prices’ increases.

Al Mansour Automotive is popular in the Egyptian market for the corporation constant offers and discounts on maintenance services and free cars’ check-ups. These programs materialize the famous slogan; with Al Mansour, you are in safe hands.