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Philip Morris
One of the biggest milestones of Mansour was their partnership with Philip Morris in 1992, for which Al-Mansour International Distribution Company (AMIDC) was founded to produce, market and distribute their products. AMIDC then carefully researched the local tobacco market and accordingly launched one successful brand after the other. This resulted in unprecedented results, with Egypt becoming ranked as the 5th distributor across the EEMA region. Not only did it maintain the leadership of Marlboro in the local market, but it also raised the market shares in the tobacco medium sector with L&M, and Next cigarettes in the lower segment. It has also multiplied its direct coverage of point of sales by 35%. By 2009, the salesmen had multiplied 15 times more than the original number, and in the last five years, the distribution vehicles had a record 50% increase. As for the company’s employees, the number of professionally trained employees has increased tenfold. Thereby AMIDC lived up to Philip Morris ’ reputation as the undisputed market leader in the Egyptian tobacco world.

McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Egypt in 1994; today, over 40,000 customers are served under the Golden Arches at over 70 outlets throughout the country every day. It is now owned by Manfoods, making McDonald’s Egypt a 100% Egyptian company with 100% Egyptian investors and workforce. It owns almost 40% of the fast food chain market share, and continues expanding through both manufacturing and exporting. The company holds shares in a factory in 6th of October City that produces ingredients for the chain, and in 1998 it began a strategy of exporting those products to GCC , South Africa , Sri Lanka , Lebanon & Jordan and in pursued for other markets.

Labanita (Seclam)
The story begins in 1946 with Seclam being the oldest dairy production not only in Egypt but in the region, built in 1945; production started in 1948 with fresh milk catering Alexandria and the surrounded suburbs. After the acquisition of Seclam by Mansour group in 2001, Seclam was the first to produce Yes juice in PET bottles with sport caps & also first to re-launch posturized milk (fresh Milk)by the brand of Labanita ; aiming to invest heavily in new technology to offer quality, safe and affordable products. Ever since, Seclam introduced an array of products throughout the years and became an emblem of trust in the Egyptian Dairy markets Today Seclam owns a group of 8 factories ( Milk, Yoghurt, white cheese, Tea, Gee, Juice, Edam and triangle cheese) that mass produces under strengthen quality specification.

Coming straight from the heart of purity in the Siwa Oasis, Hayat’s bottled water is drawn from a natural well 1,000 meters below sea level. It started in 2001 under the Mansour Distribution Company (now Mansour Holding Company for Financial Investment), Hayat has over 110 dedicated staff that constantly works to achieve Hayat’s mission of providing the highest quality drinking water.
With ‘quality’ being the key word, stringent quality control measures are maintained whilst innovative strategies are applied to provide new products that will satisfy the changing needs of customers.
So far, Hayat has been awarded the ISO 9001, 22000, and 18001 certificates. In addition to applying the HACCP requirements, Hayat continues to strive for the best quality to guarantee its customers the purest water.

Sunshine is a local brand under SECLAM, and the Egyptian market leader in the canned food category. Sunshine was first launched in 1994 with its canned tuna, followed by mackerel and sardines in 1998 and 2000 respectively. Garnering on the Egyptian consumers’ love for canned foods, Sunshine canned luncheon was launched in 2005 in beef, chicken and turkey varieties.

In times of economic downturns, AMTDC had to adapt promptly to the new market dynamics with the launch of its second private canned tuna label MARIO in 2009.

Fruit juices represent one of the highest grossing categories amongst Egyptian consumers. Accordingly, SECLAM created the conveniently named “YES” juice in August of 2000. Yes Juice is a refreshing fruit drink using 100% natural fruits and packed in handy PET bottles and aluminum du-packs with sports caps.

Red Bull
Originally founded in 1984 in Austria, Red Bull was at the forefront of creating an entirely new product category: the energy drink. In just a few short years, Red Bull managed to steer clear of being just another soft drink, eventually evolving itself to become synonymous with the word ‘energy’. Energizing people in over 100 countries all over the world, Red Bull landed its first foreign market in 1992 and came to Egypt in the year 2008. Mansour’s enthusiasm for fostering new ideas and challenges took Red Bull ’s penetration of the Egyptian market by storm, operating the brand under the Mansour International Trading and Distribution Company. Its strong distribution network and reputation in dealing with high quality products successfully accommodated Red Bull ’s arrival to Egypt, and the product is found in most bars, hotels, and sport clubs. Red Bull is yielding triple digit growth rates, and currently holds 85% share of the energy drink market in Egypt.

The distribution of the local instant coffee brand "BONJORNO" is noteworthy in that the AMTDC robust distribution had a substantial effect on BONJORNO's wide availability, beating international coffee providers in the growing sachet-format in Egypt.

Pocari Sweat
Distribution of the beverage started in 2009. Functional beverages are quite unheard of in Egypt, yet AMTDC decided to break this new ground hand-in-hand with the first healthy Japanese beverage brand.

Lately assuming its first affiliation in the non-food consumer goods market through the distribution of L'OREAL, AMTDC has brought the French well venerated organization to Egypt, adding one of the top quality personal care products range to its extensive list of brands.

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